Friends, Outreach & Resurrection

This past month was an extra special month! Not only did we celebrate Easter, but we had some of our friends from Campus Christian Fellowship in Washington state come and visit us for a week. We did a lot of evangelism and outreach on campus during their visit and had so much fun getting to host them. 

Spring Outreach Week

Every year we have the pleasure of hosting a handful of students from the Campus Christian Fellowship up in Washington state. They come down here to Texas on their spring break and spend the whole week learning how to outreach to people on campus and have conversations with them about Jesus. It just so happened that their visit fell on the week leading up to Easter, and so we planned our outreach events around the Holy Week. 

On Monday we focused on the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet and offered to clean people's shoes in the main courtyard of UTD. The students got to share about the story that inspired the shoe cleaning and have neat conversations about what Jesus is like. Tuesday was all about talking to people about their burdens and sharing how Christ offers his help in lifting those burdens from us. We had students write down what burdened them and then symbolically glued them to a cross I made.

Wednesday was our annual celebration of the resurrection with and event we like to call REZ FAIR. Campus ministries from UTD came together to share about the resurrection of Jesus will all of UTD. There were games and prizes, music and fellowship. It was a blast! Thursday was all about the hope that Jesus brings us. We took that same cross of burdens from Tuesday but asked people a new question, "what are the characteristics of a perfect world". We then took those colorful characteristics and glued them over the burdens. We shared with students how in the new Heaven and Earth Jesus would wipe away all of those burdens from before.

So Many Baptisms!

If you thought our Spring Outreach Week was exciting, it definitely wasn't the only thing. We had so many baptisms this month. I kind of lost count but I think we baptized 7 or 8 students. It has been so encouraging to get to be apart of students lives and be there for very big parts of their faith. Each baptism reminds me why I do what I do. Every year I get the opportunity to help someone know Christ and that is huge! I'm reminded just how important our work is on campus. College can be a very hard and lonely time for so many students but with campus ministries, there is so many chances for God to work through other people in these students lives.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your support! Thank you never goes without saying, and I can't say thank you enough. Your generosity towards me really does have an impact on the kingdom. So many of us campus pastors have been blessed by supporters like you who have the vision for campus ministry. Your support really does change students lives! 

Student Testimony


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