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 NEW YEARS MINISTRY Hello there and welcome to January's blog update! 2023 has already been a roller coaster of events for the UTD FOCUS ministry, including ups and downs, and I'm excited to share with you all what has been going on so far.  Winter Retreat  Every year we start out with our biggest event for all of the FOCUS campuses, Winter Retreat. This year we moved our retreat to a new location and changed the name from Winter Camp to Winter Retreat. This year's retreat was at the Riverbend Camp in Glenrose Texas. We invite all of our FOCUS students from all of our DFW campuses to drive out for the weekend to fellowship, worship and have fun. It was a really successful retreat and so many of our students enjoyed their time at the camp. It is always encouraging to hear about how fired up our students get for camp and after camp going back to their campuses.  This retreat was also the first time I got to lead one of our worship sets! Last year would have been the first but