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HELLO FALL It has been nothing short of an exciting and busy month this past September! Our small groups, large group meetings and one on one bible studies are in full swing and it feels so good to be back in the normal swing of ministry. Our first couple weeks of the month were still filled with a few events to reach out to students walking around on campus and I've been so encouraged to meet so many new people to the FOCUS ministry! FEELING HOMESICK? This past month my fellow apprentices and I started our Evangelism class! One of our assignments for class was to plan and host our own outreaching event to meet new students. My team and I decided on hosting an event we called "Feeling Homesick?". We wanted to reach students who are new to UTD from out of state or our large international student population. Over the past few months of meeting new students, I have met an overwhelming number of international students. It had not clicked for me just how big of a change it is