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 Summer Wrap Up The summer is coming to an end and the 23-24 school year is on the horizon. I'm really excited for this next year because it comes with a whole new set of roles and responsibilities as a first-year staff member with FOCUS. I've recently joined our Campus Admin Team as the team member for UTD and I'm ready to see what the year will bring in this new role. I'm happy that the new role will not decrease my time ministering to students. I'm very eager to lead another small group this year, either alone or with another student, as well as supervising a few of our small group leaders.  Praying For The Year I'd like to ask all of you to join me in prayer for this coming school year. Pray that the students at UTD would be open and willing to know and follow Jesus. Pray that students who are lonely and in need of friendship would find it this school year. Pray that our students would be led by the Spirit this year and that they would find peace in their di