February Flies By

Another month of ministry has quickly gone past and it was filled with a lot of neat experiences. It is hard to believe that the Spring semester is already half done and that our year will begin to wind down into the summer.

A Night of Black Church

This semester the black students of UTD Focus put on an event they called A Night of Black Church in honor of Black History Month. We got to experience some traditional and modern gospel music as well as a sermon that echoed the style of black pastors in the 1960s. The event was packed full of our students from all over DFW campuses and people from our church families.

Pizza Theology

Another exciting event from this past month was our second Pizza Theology of the year. I believe I've mentioned this event before but it's an awesome experience for our students to come and learn more about the bible for a couple hours and eat pizza with students from other campuses. This year we talked about The Bible, shocking I know. We went into depth with topics like canonization, translation, and interpretation and gave our students the chance to see scripture differently than they had before.

First Sermon of the Year

This past month I had the opportunity to preach my first sermon of the year at our split Friday night service. My sermon was about leading like Jesus. I got to spend the week prayerfully thinking through what our guys needed to hear. Peter, one of the UTD directors, was a great help in the thinking and writing process.

Big Moves

This next year brings some very big changes to my ministry. For the past four years, I've had the privilege of serving as a student and staff member on the UTD Focus team. I am excited to share with you all that I will be moving campuses this next fall to Collin College! Collin is where I first was introduced to Focus when I was a freshman in 2016, so I am very excited to return after such a long time as one of their campus pastors. 

Thank You

Thank you all so much for your support over the past school year. I am very thankful each month to hear how encouraging these updates are for you all. If only I was able to write about all the wonderful conversations and experiences I've gotten to have thanks to your help!

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