A Thankful Month

November was another great month of getting to do ministry at UTD! As we get closer to the end of this semester, it has been so neat to get to look back to just a couple months ago and see how far our ministry has come. We have gotten to welcome in so many new students and had the chance to watch them create new relationships with each other and see their relationship with Jesus grow. 

Pizza Theology

Every semester we host an event called Pizza Theology. For two, two-hour sessions, our students get to engage with college-level theology topics. This past month we invited a world-renowned seminary professor, Ian Proven, to speak on his book "Cuckoos in Our Nest". The book talks about important topics surrounding what it means to be human and made in the image of God. It was so awesome to have such an intelligent man share his words of wisdom with all of our students across our campuses.

Thank You

I continue to reflect every month as I write these blogs on just how thankful I am to have you all on my support team. It really does amaze me the heart so many of you have to invest in the lives of college students and the passion to see them come to know Jesus in new and exciting ways. Thank you so much for your support! I wish you all happy holidays these next few weeks!

Student Testimony


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