September was a really fun month of ministry and still very packed with lots of things to do! From yard signs to Fall Retreat and an exciting core, there was a lot to love about September. 

The Sayings of Jesus

This year we started a sermon series called, "Listening Carefully to Jesus". In this series, we would be taking the teachings of Jesus and talking about them with our students. One of the promotions behind this series was our Jesus saying yard signs. We selected 66 sayings from the Gospel of Matthew from Jesus and I designed and created 33 yard signs to post around campus. Our goal was to get the words of Jesus in front of people, and boy did we! They got a lot of attention, so much so that a large majority of them went missing a week after they were put out. Thankfully they were recovered!

Fall Retreat

Every year we host a 22-hour retreat for our students to take time to be with God and the larger community. This year we had over 120 students come and join us for the weekend of fun and fellowship! For this retreat, we have student testimonies for our main session time rather than sermons. We have found that students really respond well when they hear their peers talking about their walk with Jesus and encouraging them in their own walks.


This is Juke! He is a Core Facilitator this year and one of the four guys in my supervising team! It has been a pleasure to get to supervise him so far this year. He is quite the quirky guy as you may be able to tell by this shirt he had custom order with the faces of myself, Brandon, and Peter. You can't say he's not committed! This is his first year at UTD as a philosophy major and at only 18 he is already a junior in credits!


This year I am leading core alone for the first time. It has been very different and very special to get to lead these guys in our weekly time together. It has been nothing but a joy to get to talk with them about the goodness of God and the faithfulness of Jesus!

Thank You

Thank you so much for your support this year in ministry. It has already been an exciting and fun year and that is all thanks to you! I've been so thankful to have your thoughts and prayers for all of the students at UTD.


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